EDTA blood

5 ml of the patient

5 ml of each parent and every other affected relative

Shipping at room temperature in double protected vials to avoid spilling.

In case EDTA blood is not availabe, you can also send other sample types (e.g. heparine, citrate, coagulated, blood cake).


(0,5 -) 2 ml

Shipping at room temperature. Shipping on dry ice preferred if shipped together with BAL.


Stabilization of RNA in blood

For blood withdrawal Tempus-Vacuette (Life Technologies) will be used. Tempus-Vacuette containers will be shipped upon request by the biobank.

  • Draw blood directly into TempusTM Blood RNA Tube (the amount of blood should not be less then 2.5 ml, ideally the containers should be filled to the maximum height = 3.5 ml of blood).
  • Shake vigorously or vortex for 10 sec

The Tempus container can be shipped together with the EDTA blood at room temperature. The RNA in the blood will be stabilized by the Tempus solution. The duration of transport should not last longer than 5 days.