Informed consent form for controls (incl. instructions).pdf

Indication: All infants with Chronic Tachypnea of Unknown Origin

Urine sample collection:
Urine samples from urine collector systems or spontaneous urine, preferably morning urine, should be collected acidulated with acetic acid (final concentration 2 N).

Adding acetic acid:
5ml urine plus 5ml acetic acid 25%

Calculation: 1 molar acetic acid 60g/l, therefore 2 normal = 12g/100ml
a) 60 % acetic acid has 60g/100ml, therefore 12g/20ml. In that case add 80 ml urine to 20ml 60% acetic acid.
b) 25% acetic acid has 25g/100ml, therefore 12,5g/50ml. In that case add 50ml urine to 50ml 25% acetic acid.

Afterward freeze at -20°C (only for a short period of time), before you store the urine at -80°C. At -80°C long time storage is possible, however the urine must be shipped on dry ice!

Please also supply urine of a healthy child as control, so that we can correct the results for transport and storage effects. An according consent is attached.

Cutten et al (2002) ARJCCM.Urine Bombesin-like Peptide Elevation Precedes Clinical Evidence of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. Method: Urine was squeezed into a 2-ml tube with acetic acid (final concentration 2 N). Urine specimens were frozen for up to 6 hours at -20 C (greater than 90% BLP recovery), then cooled to -80 C (BLP indefinitely stable) until analyzed (within 12 months of being collected).