Overview research projects

DZL integration

The Kids Lung Register foundation (KLR e.V.) serves as a platform for (research) projects which are limited in time. Due to these structural and administrative resources, a continuing and long-term operation with high standards is made possible.

Past projects include:

2005-2007 Incidence and classification of pediatric diffuse parenchymal lung diseases in Germany, togetehr with the ESPED of the German Society of pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

2007-2011 Kids Lung Register and Biobank, supported by the Society for pediatric pneumology (GPP)

2009-2013 GOLDnet project, pediatric and adult diffuse parenchymatous diseases, supportet by BMBF

2010-2013 European Alveolar Proteinose network (Eu-PAP-Net), supported by E-rare/BMBF

2012-2016 chILD-EU: Orphans Unite: chILD better together? - European Management Platform for Childhood Interstitial Lung Diseases, funded by the European Union