Special supporters

The special supporters of the Kids Lung Register foundation (KLR e. V.) support our independent work with their regular donations. First and foremost the sustaining members support our activities with the objective of promoting research and improvement of the pathophysiological knowledge, diagnostics, therapy, prophylaxis and epidemiology of all rare diseases involving the lung.


Our Special supporters are:


*  Society for pediatric pneumology (Gesellschaft für pädiatrische Pneumologie e.V.)


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*  ResMed Germany Inc.


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Resmed Germany (Fraunhoferstraße 16, 82152 Martinsried, DEUTSCHLAND) supports the chILD-EU register within the Kids lung register in the research of rare mono-genetically caused lung diseases in childhood.



* Hirmer Foundation


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The Hirmer Foundation granted a 3 year unrestricted research project starting 2012 to the Lung Research Group at the Hauner Children's Hospital, Prof. Griese for a project done in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Kerem, Jerusalem.